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    HydroHaus designed to Increase Profits

    The design of greenhouses boils down to two philosophical approaches:

    • Traditional – Use brute force and massive energy to heat and cool the atmosphere within the greenhouse to compensate for the poor insulating capacity of the greenhouse structural envelope, and/or vent air into the atmosphere 
    • HydroHaus - Use the HydroHaus structural envelope to prevent the buildup of heat and cold within the structure, and treat the smaller differential buildup of heat and cold with less energy

    In this respect, traditional greenhouse design treats the symptom rather than curing the problem. On the other hand, HydroHaus provides an elegant solution with massive operational savings because it requires up to 90% less energy to operate. In this respect, we “nurture nature.”


    HydroHaus has developed an improved growing environment which has a double wall and roof cavity that is filled with Dynamic Foam to provide insulation from extreme heat and cold, and to provide shading and diffuse sunlight. As the Dynamic Foam breaks down into solution throughout the day, the captured solar gain is stored in subterranean tanks that act as heat sinks. In this way, regenerated Dynamic Foam can provide nighttime insulation against the cold.


    Because the traditional greenhouse does not "nurture nature," we do not want to be associated with something that now describes climate change: "the greenhouse effect." It is for this reason, we call our structure the HydroHaus.


    People Working To Help You Succeed

    Chris Gielnik

    President and Founder

    Dr. Helen Keenan

    Chief Scientist

    Lester Dix

    VP Information Technology

    Ray Gerow

    VP Indigenous Relations

    Stuart Brazier

    COO and Founder


    If up to 800% yield increase, 90% water recovery, 90% energy savings, and 100% automated systems sounds good to you, then contact us for more information.


    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.


    Lower Costs Increased Yields and Profits

    Existing greenhouse technologies have not kept up with the technological improvements seen in other industries. As a result, our objective is to help deploy technologies that will help increase the profitability of both aspiring and existing local food growers.


    With this in mind, we custom design & build commercial structures to maximize profitability and to minimize risk.


    Key to this process is automated control systems to manage:

    • Microclimate within the HydroHaus
    • Growing systems
    • Nutrient systems
    • Gas and lighting supplementation


    HydroHaus is an evolved improvement of traditional greenhouses. The key difference is the building envelope that maintains a cavity between two walls.


    Both the outer and inner skin of the greenhouse use, a transparent structural fabric. While the outer skin provides a protective seal against the elements, the inner skin is an active and computer controlled thermal energy exchanger that regulates temperature, removes humidity from the air, and generates immediate shading.


    Water scarcity is a direct result of climate change. It is a serious problem that will not resolve itself.


    When you consider that plants transpire 99% of the water they absorb and that most greenhouses vent this humidity into the atmosphere, a valuable resource is unnecessarily wasted.


    The statistics are staggering. For every pound or kilogram of plant mass grown:

    • Between 200 and 1,000 pounds of water through transpiration is lost  

    With our evolved design, this pure water produced by plants is collected and reused to cool the greenhouse, to store solar energy, and to feed the plants.


    Dynamic Foam Insulation


    When it is cold outside, the cavity between the greenhouse's inner and outer skin is filled with Dynamic Foam Insulation, which provides the equivalent of R30+ insulation versus R1 insulation for a traditional greenhouse.


    Dynamic Foam Shading


    On hot sunny days when the building interior needs to be cooled, Dynamic Foam Shading can be injected into the greenhouse cavity to create shade and to diffuse light, which is what plants prefer.


    Because the HydroHaus diffuses natural sunlight, it is the ideal design to grow fresh produce in multiple vertical layers. Vertical growing is also ideal for supplemental lighting required in winter months.


    We have focused on numerous vertical growing designs to accommodate a variety of crops because we believe in crop diversity. We believe monoculture commoditizes prices, which impacts profitability.


    In every instance, our design is optimized to maximize:

    • Plant density
    • Ease of transplants
    • Ease of service
    • Ease of harvest


    Plant roots have two functions:

    1. To anchor themselves in soil and
    2. To obtain water loaded with nutrients


    Plants do not need to grow in soil. Instead, most greenhouses use hydroponic systems to grow produce. Hydroponic systems necessitate immersing plant roots in nutrient solution. The downside is that roots are deprived of oxygen, which reduces plant metabolism, and this slows plant growth.



    Aeroponics is a subset of hydroponics. Instead of immersing roots in water, a fine oxygenated mist is sprayed onto the root system. When plants immediately access water and nutrients from a fine mist, instead of developing their thick anchoring roots, they develop the fine roots hairs that maximize nutrient uptake.


    With increased oxygen levels, plant metabolism increases, and accelerated growth occurs.



    For larger plants, we recommend Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) hydroponics, which deprives plants of oxygen. To address this shortfall, we add dissolved oxygen to the nutrient solution.


    When plants immediately access water, nutrients and oxygen, instead of developing their thick anchoring roots, they develop the fine roots hairs that maximizes nutrient uptake. 


    With increased oxygen levels, plant metabolism increases, and accelerated growth occurs.


    Growing Performance is enhanced with the HydroPlug, which is rigid enough to hold plant roots in place, flexible enough to allow plant growth, and provides superior aeration and water retention.


    The HydroPlug is a superior blend of high quality substrates, hydrophilic foam, micronutrients, beneficial fungi, and a balanced pH that produces healthier plants, and faster rooting for cuttings and young plants.


    The HydroPlug is drenched in FullHydro, a biostimulant nutrient solution that combines a mineral salt solution with Fulvic Acid, which is used to chelate minerals and make them bioavailable to plants.


    With the ideal conditions for perfect root development, healthier plants ensue.


    Because our greenhouse creates a closed environment, and hot humid air is not vented into the atmosphere, carbon dioxide supplementation to 1,200 parts per million remains constant. With our ideal diffuse lighting conditions combined with carbon dioxide, plants thrive.


    Likewise, we maintain plant roots in a sealed chamber that is enriched with oxygenated nutrient mist that increases plant metabolism to achieve faster growth and increased plant biomass. This is not possible with both soil and hydroponic growing systems.


    By keeping the gas supplementation separate we provide the ideal conditions for both plant leaves and plant roots.


    When our greenhouse has deployed the Dynamic Foam Shade system, light is diffused, which is ideal for plant growth.


    However, in winter months with decreased natural sunlight, supplemental lighting can be deployed. To optimize energy savings, LED lights in the 440nm blue and 660nm red light spectrum are deployed to provide ideal conditions for plant photosynthesis.


    Quality Products For Your Greenhouse


    MISSION: Provide Maximum Natural Sunlight

    95% Natural Sunlight


    Our cladding is HydroFilm, a lightweight, high-strength, transparent non-petroleum based plastic with a number of remarkable properties: it has a lifespan of up to 50 years, allows up to 95% light transmission and allows 60% of UV light through; weighs only 1% as much as glass; is low maintenance and virtually self-cleaning; operates between -200° to +150° Celsius / -328° to +302° Fahrenheit; is extremely resistant to tearing, weathering, solvents and chemicals; is extremely flexible and can stretch up to 200 % before breaking; is low flammable and self-extinguishing; and it can be fully recycled.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Commercial Foam Generator

    MISSION: Dynamic Insulation & Shading

    90% Energy Savings


    Commercial Foam Generators are strategically placed to fill a 0.75 meter / 30" greenhouse wall and roof cavity with Dynamic Foam, which provides the equivalent of R30+ insulation. In addition to insulation, the Dynamic Foam provides greenhouse shading and diffuses light, which is what plants prefer. Because it is Dynamic, the foam can be quickly deployed and removed.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Dynamic Foam Solution

    MISSION: Provide Quality Dynamic Foam

    100% Re-useable


    Commercial Foam Generators require a consistent and quality liquid solution to generate foam that will provide dynamic insulation and shading, to prevent additional heat from penetrating the greenhouse in the hotter months and the preventing of excessive heat leaving the greenhouse in the colder months.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Water Recovery System

    MISSION: Recover Water Transpired By Plants

    90% Water Recovery & 70% Energy Savings


    A highly efficient, fully automatic dehumidification system that provides perfect, homogeneous air conditioning throughout our facilities . Advantages include: solves humidity related and Botrytis issues; produces clean, filtered air; increases both crop yield and quality; increases carbon dioxide usage; eliminates chemical costs; reduces disease and spore population; helps cool and heat greenhouse; and creates multi-climate zones.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Fertigation Control Manager

    MISSION: Flexible Control of Fertigation System

    100% Automated


    A software program that allows the user to set up multiple fertilizer recipes for various flower and vegetable crops. Users can irrigate according to the time schedule, solar accumulation Wm2 and root zone moisture levels. The Fertigation Manager can irrigate many different crops with each having their own feeding formulae with one centralized Fertigation machine.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Fertigation Controller

    MISSION: Automate & Optimize Nutrient Delivery 

    100% Automated


    The Fertigation Controller automatically mixes different fertilizer formulas from one set of fertilizer stock tanks. The system uses multiple fertilizer injectors to blend different fertilizer recipes. The system is available with 3 to 12 injectors per system with water flow rates from 200 LPM to 2,000 LPM. (50 GPM 500 GPM). The basic systems are available with up to 16 irrigation valves and are expandable to control up to 200 irrigation valves per system. The system uses electronic or pneumatic injectors that are very reliable and long life.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Ozone and Oxygenation Systems

    MISSION: Collect & Recycle Irrigation Water Runoff 

    Save 30% on Water Costs & 40% on Fertilizers


    The water recycling system includes special programs for treating collected irrigation water. The program allows users to condition water for desired EC, pH, and Ozone/Oxygen before it is sent to the Fertigation Control Manager for further fertilizer treatment. The Ozone water treatment system destroys any bacteria and pathogens in the collected irrigation water.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Lighting Technologies

    MISSION: Optimize Light Spectrum For Plant Growth

    Up to 60% Energy Savings


    Depending on produce grown, HydroHaus provides a range of LED. With certain LED lights, the light spectrum can be altered to optimize growing requirements.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.

    Growing Systems

    MISSION: Increase yields by accelerating plant growth and density

    Up to 800% Increased Yields


    Depending on produce grown, HydroHaus provides a range of horizontal, vertical, and layered growing systems that use both NFT and Aeroponic nutrient systems.



    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.


    MISSION: Facilitate nutrient uptake while benefiting surrounding micro-organisms.

    SANO Agronomy Inc. has developed a range of biostimulants that are biological or biologically sourced additives that enhance plant nutrition, health, growth and productivity. Biostimulants improve the efficiency of plant metabolism to induce yield increases and enhanced crop quality and are complementary to crop nutrition and crop protection.


    Visit SANO Agronomy website


    Contact chris.gielnik@hydrohaus.com or +1 (778) 991-6806 for more information.


    We've got a top notch team!

    Promoting Plant Health

    SANO Agronomy Inc. has developed a range of biostimulants that are biological or biologically sourced additives that enhance plant nutrition, health, growth and productivity. Biostimulants improve the efficiency of plant metabolism to induce yield increases and enhanced crop quality and are complementary to crop nutrition and crop protection.


    Most importantly, biostimulants enhance the quality attributes of produce, including sugar content and colour. They enhance soil fertility, particularly by fostering the development of complementary soil micro-organisms and render water use more efficient by enhancing the development of roots, minimizing soil compaction, and improving water retention.


    Visit SANO Agronomy Website

    Environmental Solutions Economic Prosperity  Engineered Performance

    The Continu Solutions strategy is based on proven, high performance operating technology, unprecedented experience and in-depth planning to make our clients winners. Cap and Trade legislation, energy conservation and efficiency, waste management, clean energy and fuel switching (replacing fossil fuels) and sustainability strategies are all connected and make for a comprehensive approach in reducing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and improving the balance sheet.




    Visit Continu Solutions Website


    Increased Profits


    We help local food growers become profitable by:

    • Increasing yields by up to 800%
    • Lowering energy costs by up to 90%
    • Recycling water resources


    We help increase yields by:

    • Increasing plant density
    • Growing on multiple levels
    • Growing in multiple layers
    • Improving plant quality
    • Accelerating plant growth
    • Increasing the number of crops per year

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